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OtoClear® Ear Irrigation Pack


OtoClear® Ear Irrigation Pack

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OtoClear® Ear Irrigation Pack

The OtoClear® Ear Irrigation Tip was developed to safely and thoroughly clear the ear canal of wax and debris. It is designed to conveniently attach to the Ear Lavage System for high use facilities, and the Spray Wash Kit for low use facilities. OtoClear Ear Irrigation Tips are also compatible with the Tabletop Waterpik® and standard luer lock syringes.

  • PROBLEM: Traditional ear irrigation shoots water directly into the ear canal, which can be painful, dangerous and messy
  • SOLUTION: OtoClear Ear Irrigation Tips, with Gentle Touch Design, directs water to the ear canal wall, with three divergent streams, instead of directly at the Tympanic Membrane. And the flared design prevents backsplash
  • RESULTS:A safe, clean ear irrigation tip at half the cost of a self-constructed device
Special Launch Pack includes
  • 1 x Spray Wash Bottle
  • 40 x OtoClear® Tips
  • 20 x FREE OtoClear Tips

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