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Medical professionals never know what they’ll face when they go to work and they often carry their medical gear with them so that they’re always...
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  1. Medical Pouch
    Medical Pouch
    From: £11.48 £9.57
    Stock Code: 8180R1
  2. Universal Community Nursing Bag
    Universal Community Nursing Bag
    £114.00 £95.00
    Stock Code: UNIMEDBG
  3. Trauma Bag
    Trauma Bag
    From: £144.00 £120.00
    Stock Code: TMA
  4. Oxygen Kit Bag
    Oxygen Kit Bag
    £78.00 £65.00
    Stock Code: OXYG
  5. Entonox Kit Bag
    Entonox Kit Bag
    £78.00 £65.00
    Stock Code: ENTOX
  6. Grab Bag
    Grab Bag
    From: £114.00 £95.00
    Stock Code: GRB
  7. Robust's Tactical Backpack
    Robust's Tactical Backpack
    £158.40 £132.00
    Stock Code: EB02.040
  8. Paramed's XL
    Paramed's XL
    £162.00 £135.00
    Stock Code: EB02.039
  9. Extreme's Tarpaulin
    Extreme's Tarpaulin
    £159.60 £133.00
    Stock Code: EB02.026
  10. Emerair's Tarpaulin
    Emerair's Tarpaulin
    £178.80 £149.00
    Stock Code: EB02.007
  11. Critical's Tarpaulin
    Critical's Tarpaulin
    £186.00 £155.00
    Stock Code: EB02.027
  12. Rescue Backpack | Tarpaulin
    Rescue Backpack | Tarpaulin
    £75.60 £63.00
    Stock Code: EM13.029
  13. Light Tarpaulin Bag
    Light Tarpaulin Bag
    £39.83 £33.19
    Stock Code: EM13.021
  14. Tycho Emergency Rucksacks | Red
    Tycho Emergency Rucksacks | Red
    £232.96 £194.13
    Stock Code: 31331900
  15. Zeta Emergency Rucksack, Orange
    Zeta Emergency Rucksack, Orange
    £232.96 £194.13
    Stock Code: 31331802
  16. Tycho Emergency Rucksacks | Green
    Tycho Emergency Rucksacks | Green
    £232.96 £194.13
    Stock Code: 31331800
  17. Bollman Medicare Case in Black
    Bollman Medicare Case in Black
    £199.08 £165.90
    Stock Code: 1.01.411
  18. Oxygen Therapy Emergency Bag | Navy Blue
  19. Bollman Medicare Case in Red
    Bollman Medicare Case in Red
    £199.08 £165.90
    Stock Code: 1.01.417
  20. The Medical Assistance Briefcase in Black (PRACTI'S)
  21. URB&GO High Capacity Home Care Bag
    URB&GO High Capacity Home Care Bag
    £112.24 £93.53
    Stock Code: EB00.013
  22. The Medical Assistance Briefcase in Blue (PRACTI'S)
  23. The General Practitoners Bag | Grey/Pink
  24. Home Calls Trolley
    Home Calls Trolley
    £133.27 £111.06
    Stock Code: EB00.016
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