EXL Scoop Biosafe Speedclip Straps | Set of 3

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Brand: Ferno
EXL Scoop - Biosafe Speedclip Straps - Set of 3

It is ergonomically designed from high strength aluminium and precision mouldings allowing light weight with considerable strength. The scoop eliminates body roll manoeuvres significantly decreasing movement of cervical spine.

  • Twin safety locks
  • Designed to work with Combi Head Immobiliser
  • Plastic Moulded- Easy to clean & durable
  • Safe and secure – 4 biosafe speedclip straps
  • Adjustable length – telescopic tubes allow for length adjustments
  • Ergonomic operator handles – designed to support correct posture for lifting

Combi Head Immobiliser

  • Highly versatile –alter orientation of head-blocks using a specially designed strapping system
  • uses antimicrobial Velcro and PU moulded head-blocks that contain antibacterial additives throughout
  • Use in X-ray and MRI scanners
  • Modular Design- Allows replacement of individual parts
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