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FarlaScan Barcode Scanner

FarlaScan Barcode Scanner


We would like to introduce you to our “improved” method of ordering. Our easy to use FarlaKwik Keychain Barcode Scanner makes ordering quick, fast and more accurate - Just Point, Click and Scan.


 Whenever you use your FarlaKwik scanner you get an extra 1.5% discount with your online transaction.

How it works: 

Using our remarkable easy-to-use FarlaKwik barcode scanner, you can wave goodbye to long lists and endless product codes. 

  • SCAN the barcodes next to the items you want in our new catalogue
  • PLUG the FarlaKwik scanner into your PC and check your order
  • CLICK your order directly through to our website

You can scan the barcodes on products as well as the barcodes found in our catalogue and brochure.

We can even produce personalised list of products with barcodes, which you purchase regularly. This can be kept inside your desk draw or alongside your storage cupboard to reorder exactly what is out of stock.

FarlaKwik costs £85 + VAT. When you place you first order using the scanner we will credit your account with £105 + VAT. So it actually costs you minus £20.

Of course, you can still use our website without FarlaKwik, but you will find it is quicker and more reliable by using our FarlaKwik scanner.

Our Sales Team are waiting for your call on 0345 193 5 193

Download our application and install it on your PC.

This is a one off install which will install the software that allows you to upload your products selected via your FarlaKwik scanner directly to your web account.

System Requirements:
Hardware Requirements: