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Mersilk Suture 4/0 75cm (36)

£90.00 £75.00
Brand: Ethicon

Braided For easy handling and secure knot tying.

Coated With wax to give “hand” to the suture. Does not become limp or brittle.

Natural Produced from cocoons of the silk worm Bombyx Mori.

Non-Absorbable Provides prolonged tensile strength retention in tissue for up to 3 months.

Colour Black or ivory.

Range Braided 7-0 to 4 (U.S.P.) Supplied as needled sutures and ligatures.

Sterilisation By Irradiation. Virgin Silk

Twisted Made from filaments of silk fibre which are held together by natural gum secreted by the silk worm.

Colour Blue or black. Range 10-0 to 8-0 (U.S.P.) Supplied as needled sutures. Sterilisation By Irradiation.

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