Nonin Yellow Standard Soft Carry Case

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Nonin 2500 PaImSAVM Series Digital Oximeter
 PalmSAT the next generation in handheld pulse
 oximetryis a small, yet versatile digital pulse oximeter designed to accurately assess oxygen saturation and pulse rate. The compact size, ease of operation, and flexible design make this an ideal unit for your portable monitoring needsregardless of the patient's location.

  • Simple - Easy two-button operation
  • Compact Size - 7.4 oz. unit for easy handling
  • Flexible - AA batteries, rechargeable batteries, or AC power
  • Powerful - Memory for 72 hours of data storage
  • Efficient - 100 hrs of battery life: 45 hrs - rechargeable batteries
  • Compatible - works with Nonin's full line of sensors

 A large LED display, integrated self-test, and easy-to-follow user interface provide advanced technology you can depend on. The convenient tri-color LED is enlarged for maximum visibility and for determining if repositioning and/or relocation of the sensor is required.
 With the addition of the optional charger stand and a NiMH battery pack, the unit can be used for 45 hours orcontinuously on AC power (if left in the charging stand). The environment-friendly NiMH batteries provide superior performance without the undesirable memory behavior of NiCAD batteries. A charging time of 90 minutes or less eliminates the need for disposable batteries - reducing your operating costs.
 The PalmSAT 2500 features an easy battery access for your convenience - only 4 AA alkaline batteries needed.

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