Ri Magic LED Light AC Adapter 230/120v

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Brand: Riester

AC Adapter 230/120v

Ri Magic LED Light

  • The most modern LED technology, similar to daylight and high-performance; ideal for examinations and smaller procedures.
  • Lifetime of the lamp up to 50,000 hours, replacements no longer necessary.
  • Significantly less heating and energy loss.
  • The focusing device at the front of the light head allows exact adjustment of the size of the illuminated examination area.
  • Highly flexible, long special arm can be bent in all directions, the light remains fixed in the chosen position.
  • Simple to use handle with rheostat for infinitely variable regulation of light intensity.
  • Wide-range power cord for 230V/120V.
  • Available with plugs to suit the electrical outlets in your country upon request.
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