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Riester Tristar Stethoscope, Slate Grey

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Brand: Riester
Riester Tristar Stethoscope, Slate Grey
Riester Tristar Stethoscope - With Three Different Sized Double Chest-Pieces

The high quality stethoscope tristar« with three different sized double chest-pieces for adults, children/babies and new-born children is outstandingly suitable for perfect auscultation in all frequency ranges. Considerably improved acoustic performance in all areas of application.
Double chest-pieces for duplex«, duplex« baby and duplex« neonatal made of aluminium with practical rapid-exchange connector.
Special membranes, Ï 48 mm, 36 mm, 28 mm, for first-class acoustics.
Particularly flat and soft non-chill rims for improved adaptation on the skin.
Bells Ï 36 mm, 28 mm, 24 mm.
Matt chromium-plated binaural with integrated reinforced double-spring.
Optimal sealing of the external auditory canal with soft, replaceable ear-tips with metal screw thread.
Particularly strong Y-tube made of PVC for optimal acoustics to shield against undesired stray sounds.
Overall length: 79 cm, 78.5 cm, 78 cm.
Tristar« is supplied with two pairs of replacement ear-tips, a replacement membrane each and a name plate.

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