Security Clamp For Bristol Maid Trolleys

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Brand: Bristol Maid
  • Allows the trolley to be secured to the 'fabric of the building'
  • Suitable for MT & PT ranges of trolleys
  • Requires no additional keys, utilising the trolleys own locking system
  • One end is secured to the wall, the “hook shaped” end is trapped by the door/lid of the trolley when closed and locked
  • Recommended wall fitting height approx 1000mm
    Important Note - Security Clamps
    It is a requirement that when the trolley is not in use it should be secured to the “fabric of the building”. Not only does this prevent casual theft, i.e. trolleys being pushed to an isolated area and broken into, but also encourages good nursing practice, giving the trolley a “permanent home”.
    “Safe & Secure Handling of Medicines - Royal Pharmaceutical Society, GB- March 2005”
  • Length: 950mm
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