Shulke Mikrozid Af Wipes - 150 Surface Disinfectant

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Mikrozid« Wipes contain alcohol-based disinfectants which rapidly clean and disinfect high risk surfaces such as those in the dental surgery. Mikrozid« Wipes are now available in two formats original (wipe size 145mm x 180mm) and now Mikrozid« Wipes Plus (wipe size 200mm x 220mm).

Key Benefits
Ideal for cleaning and disinfection of high risk surfaces
Rapidly destroys a wide range of micro-organisms such as TB, HIV, HBV and MRSA
Now considered effective against HCV
Dries quickly leaving no smearing or residues
Available in two sizes
Excellent material compatibility
Safe and easy to use
Cost effective - minimal wastage
CE marked and BDA Accredited

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