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Vitalograph Pneumotrac USB With Spirotrac Software

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Brand: Vitalograph
Vitalograph Pneumotrac USB With Spirotrac Software

The Vitalograph Pneumotrac with Spirotrac software is an excellent spirometry choice when long-term storage and analysis of patient results are essential, offering over 30 configurable parameters, storing and trending of test results and export of data into any spreadsheet, database or word processor application.

The Vitalograph Pneumotrac features sophisticated Spirotrac® software and the unparalleled accuracy of Fleisch pneumotachograph flow measuring technology.

  • Simply plugs into a PC’s USB port for a low-cost spirometry solution
  • Adaptable, interactive, user friendly software for full automation
  • Network ready, standardised communications with other databases
  • Proven spirometry software with automatic test quality control and trending
  • Accurate, robust, linear Fleisch pneumotachograph
  • EMIS Web, LV, PCS and SystmOne compliant
  • Compatible with the following occupational health software, Tempus Cohort, Warwick Systems, OPAS and Medgate
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